Jesus Is Our Good Shepherd

People in field

Dear sheep of Jesus’ flock, the people of his pasture: If I made a big deal about telling you that there was only one, very excellent, time and trial-tested airline pilot flying today, how would that make you feel?  If you’re not flying today or any day soon, you probably couldn’t care less.  If you…

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The Risen Jesus Opens Locked Doors

Locked door

Dear people living in the era of the open tomb: This past week our nation observed the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination in Memphis, TN.  While I cannot say I agree with every point of Dr. King’s theology, there is much he said and preached, with which I do agree. He…

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As a Priest Forever – Jesus Has It All Covered!

Mountain BW

Dear disciples of Christ singing songs of your Savior during this season of Lent, For the next several weeks of Lent, up to and including Easter, we are going to study some of the Messianic Psalms.  Those are Psalms that prophesy about the coming Messiah or Christ.  The first one we’re going to consider is…

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Jesus Gives us Glimpses of Glory for the Rocky Road Ahead

Light over lake

Dear disciples of Christ, who have seen glimpses of his glory: Are you familiar with the term “glory hound”?  A hound is a dog with an incredible sense of smell used to find things that can be hidden to the human senses.  Glory, well, that’s usually interpreted to mean limelight or acknowledgment, praise or accolades. …

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Come, See Jesus Who Has Demonstrated His Dominion over Demons

Magnifying glass BW

Dearly loved of the Father in heaven, who are still wrestling with demons on earth: The great question on which all history hinges and which has haunted all who have ever heard of Jesus is the question the synagogue members of Nazareth asked themselves after hearing him teach and witnessing his power over an unclean…

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Can You Hear God Laughing?

Globe BW

Dearly loved of the Father in heaven, especially you whom he has welcomed to himself through baptism: This past December 28, a Thursday, like we do every year, the Church commemorated the horrible event of Herod’s minions galloping to Bethlehem and the surrounding region to slaughter the innocent boys, 2 yrs of age or younger.…

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This Child Carries Your Greatest Expectations

BIrd flying

Dear friends, family and especially our guests–one and all dearly loved by God: In your earthly relationships what is one of the first difficult lessons you have had to learn?  In my experience and opinion it is that our spouses, parents, children, dear friends, or co-workers cannot and often do not do all that we…

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A Christmas without… busyness?

Tree Lights Ornament

Dear brothers and sisters, called and gathered by Christ Jesus, so that he might enlighten you through his gospel: You are all well aware that Christmas is coming.  You can’t delay it, slow the clock down, or even make it go faster.  But are you ready for it?  Is everything done that needs doing?  Perhaps…

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Don’t Stop Asking, Just Add Thanksgiving

Man Praying

Dear grateful children of the Father in heaven, who loves you more than you can know: In an early scene of the Disney animated movie, Ratatouille, the gangely kitchen clean-up boy, Linguini, starts meddling with the soup but adds all the wrong ingredients and nearly ruins it; it tastes horrible.  While everyone else is distracted,…

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Christ the King

Hand holding paper heart

Dear faithful subjects of Christ the King, who loves you: It is difficult for a free, self-governing people, such as we are, to understand the need or desire for a king or monarch.  It runs against nearly every fiber of our being.  We want a say in how we are governed, even if at times…

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